Plattsburgh Mortgage News: July 2012

Every Revenue Stream Counts...

It seems to me...

Like a lot of agents on Active Rain are pretty tech savvy. All of us know how to blog so we all know how important the power of the internet is to our business and thus we strive to use it as a tool to drive our Tech Savvybusiness forward. I haven't done it as long as a lot of the people on here but I have used the internet in one form or another to create leads and close transactions since 2007.

A Program that Changed my Approach...

I used to rely almost exclusively on blogging to drum up business and it wasn't bad. It definitely helped when the economy was hurting but I wasn't tapping into the upper eschelons of the various internet marketing Guru's... Thats for sure. I spent some time researching and studying and I found an educational membership site called Retechulous that really helped me up my game. On my main website I went from about 45 visitors to over 1200 in 3 months using the techniques taught in their membership area... And that I can prove: website traffic

But Here's Something You May Not have Thunk...

Something occurred to me recently, when I was working on another website. I have a small handfull of websites; my main listing website and a Multi-Site Worpress installation at I haven't done anything with the frontpage of Svagents but I have built a couple of sites on the back and some squeeze/landing pages that I am sending traffic to. I spent a lot of time learning to first use Wordpress and then to learn to actually build sites from scratch with ThemeFrames. I have also learned some awesome SEO Tricks and techniques to drive tons of traffic to my websites. The techniques are so effective that I realized that I could probably do it for more than just real estate. It works awesome for real estate but in these tough and sometimes slow times any little bit that we can get helps! So I built a couple of minisites with affiliate and google adsense codes on them. I just published a couple of them 2 days ago. I only want to share one here because it's relavent.


Retechulous actually has a referral program so I signed up for it. This is a product that I can gladly promote given the fact that Josh and Ryan have over 50,000 real estate agent clients and there is not a single negative word about them anywhere on the internet. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and I can attest to the fact personally that their material is the real deal. There is so much in the program that I couldn't possibly include it all in a couple of posts so I built an entire website to review the marketing platform. Please check it out and leave your comments here. I'd like to know what the Active Rain Community thinks of the idea and if you like the articles please click the like button:)

Retechulous Review


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Comment balloon 4 commentsChristopher Ohlsen • July 27 2012 11:13PM
Every Revenue Stream Counts…
It seems to me… Like a lot of agents on ActiveRain are pretty tech savvy. All of us know how to blog so we all know how important the power of the internet is to our business and thus we stri ve to use it as a tool to drive our business… more
Squeeze Pages That Convert…
I signed up a little while back for a program called Retechulous which is a program developed by Josh Schoenly & Ryan Hartman. The program is a great one if for nothing else its educational value. I have definitely been able to improve my web… more